Such an exciting time finding out you're pregnant and starting to wondering who your child may be. A beautiful start to your pregnancy season, first ultrasounds and outfits, it's sweet to capture those fleeting first few weeks knowing you're pregnant. Capturing your gender reveal encapsulates all your emotions, excitement and feelings as you find out a little piece of them.

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the Kieryczuk Family

(Full Baby Announcement Session)

"My husband and I had a shoot to announce our pregnancy with Dayna. Working with her was an amazing experience for me, not only because she's my sister but because I haven't ever really felt comfortable having my photo taken until this shoot. She made me feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. Often with photos and even our wedding photos I focus on my flaws and the things I don't like but Daynas photos capture moments of true joy that I will treasure for years to come. It was special to share this with you, sis"